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  “Defining an organization’s unique energy, then leveraging it to its fullest.”

About Us

Every business professional, product, service and process radiates its own unique energy. Here at R88, we focus on defining that uniqueness and then exploiting it so it will resound in the hearts, minds, and souls of your staff and customers. Infusing everything and everyone with this energy amplifies it exponentially until even you, the source of this energy, cannot believe its overwhelming impact.

We know that people and processes, products and services, markets and sales channels all exist in dynamic relation to one another. It’s our role to help businesses infuse their unique energy into these relationships. Once these all vibrate at the same frequency, your business can grow way beyond your expectations.

R88 is committed to helping business leaders identify and leverage their organization’s unique energy and make strong, vibrant connections among employees, customers and clients.

R88 principal, Rick Greenberg, founded this firm out of his conviction that a company’s business energy should be tapped for success. Rick, the former CEO of a $50 MM business, has a proven track record in the areas of:

  • Global Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Management Systems
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