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  “When it’s your turn to seek guidance whom do you turn to?”

Are You a CEO… the Energy Source?

Successful businesses are run by dynamic executives. CEOs must bring a powerful blend of knowledge, skill, vision and energy to their business everyday. They also must have the leadership skills to inspire results.

At R88, we believe that every organization has its own unique energy and, as CEO, you are the driving force that channels it.

Your organization looks to you to provide the guidance to grow the bottom line. When it’s your turn to seek guidance, to whom do you turn? It should be someone who can fully relate to your challenges.

His experience as a CEO makes R88 founder, Rick Greenberg, uniquely qualified to address whatever you’ll face while at the helm. R88 can offer you objectivity and help you better define your organization’s unique energy and show you how to leverage it to fuel growth.

R88 can help you:

  • Make decisions grounded in daily reality while looking toward the future.
  • Develop strategies to maximize global potential.
  • Inspire executives and personnel to work as a team.
  • Maximize efficiencies utilizing existing internal resources.
  • Stimulate product development.
  • Boost production.
  • Cultivate sales.
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