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  “Where Does Your Company Need to be in 3 to 5 Years?”

Is it time for a Merger or Acquisition?

Sometimes change evolves organically. Sometimes change is planned. Many times it happens more abruptly than you’d like. Regardless, dealing with any change requires objectivity and clear-headed thinking.

These are just a few of the questions R88 can help you answer:

  • Does it make sense to pursue growth through an acquisition strategy?
  • Is a strategic alliance in order?
  • Can a division or brand be turned around cost efficiently, or should a sale be structured?
  • What’s the ideal plan for transitioning your family business to your children?

R88 brings first-hand experience and objectivity to the M & A category to help you make critical decisions. We can guide a CEO through an analysis of the pros and cons of any possible action. We can assist a potential investor by providing an in-depth picture of an acquisition target.

Due Diligence Service

Most investors know the numbers but can’t x-ray the sales and marketing strategies to see if they have legs. R88 has both the experience and the instincts to diagnose marketing strategies and evaluate customer relationships as well as sales teams for credibility and integrity.

R88 can provide a CEO or investor guidance as you:

  • Evaluate acquisition targets at all levels — management, operations, value, and profitability.
  • Consider the core competencies and resources of a strategic alliance.
  • Prepare your own organization for acquisition or strategic alliances, including crafting exit strategies that will serve everyone involved — management, personnel, and investors.
  • Initiate a transition and seek the unique energy of newly merged teams.
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